Radishes matching Kelly, photo by Lindsey Mizock

We grow a large variety of vegetables including butter lettuce, kales, collards, bok choy, sprouting broccoli, leeks, basil, cauliflower, fennel, carrots, beets, scallions, radishes, cilantro, and more. We are perhaps most popular for our little gem lettuces and other small head lettuce types.

If you are with a restaurant, or grocery store, a private chef, or event coordinator and interested in information about special ordering vegetables to be picked up either at our farm or at one of our farmers markets, please call Lori directly at (831) 722-8635.

Availability is subject to supply fluctuations after providing vegetables to our farmers markets and standing orders.


Baby lettuces in the field, photo by Kelly Brown


Red romaine packed and ready for an order, photo by Lindsey Mizock


Our glorious fields, photo by Kelly Brown