We made it! We have finished markets for 2020

Thank you to everyone who supported us this year! With so many unknowns and moving parts, we are grateful for our staff, the market staffs and associations, and everyone who helped along the way.


We at Blue Heron Farms want to express our sincere gratitude for all of our customers at all of our markets.
Thank you for appreciating what we grow, our hard work in the fields and at the markets, and for supporting our farm!

We will update our schedule as we re-enter markets in 2021!
Our market schedule for the 2020 season was:

For more information and updates about changes we may be making to adapt to this situation fill out our Contact information form. As we plant and prepare for the season ahead, we will continue to work to navigate this changing landscape with care for our farm, staff and our wider community. We are planning on growing as we have every year and will continue to provide you with the amazing flowers and quality produce in safe and accessible ways.

Blue Heron Farms

Blue Heron Farms is a 20-acre certified organic farm operating in a small sheltered valley in Corralitos, California, that is passionate about growing a diverse array of high quality vegetables and flowers.


We grow a large variety of vegetables, specializing in little gem, sprouting broccoli and other crops that appreciate our mild climate.

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We dedicate about four of our 20 acres to a diverse assortment of organically grown annual and perennial flowers. Our crew of experienced farmer-florists provide flowers to customers through farmers markets, grocery stores, and special orders.

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Where to Find us

You can find us at certified farmers markets, grocery stores, and fine restaurants throughout the Central Coast and Bay Area.

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