Being farmers AND florists means we are driven by the surprises of the season.

Being a farmer and florist means that our wedding designs are driven by the surprises of the season.  Unlike most traditional florists who source non-organic flowers flown from all over the world, our designs are dictated by OUR fields. Simply let us know your mood and desired colors and we will harvest from our 80+ varieties specifically to meet your vision.


Blue Heron’s wedding program is geared towards à la carte designs for which couples can chose their desired floral pieces from a menu and, come wedding day, install the flowers themselves.  For weddings with florals over $2500, we are also available for delivery and installation.  To learn more about our wedding offerings please email


Kelly Brown loves flowers!Our wedding program is headed by lead designer, Kelly Brown.  Kelly has been magnetically drawn to plants from the beginning in their mother’s garden, pruning roses and cutting posies but farming came by accident.  While studying Feminist Studies and Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz and organizing for sex worker’s rights, LGBTIQ rights, and harm reduction services, they were mostly removed from their underlying plant love. Serendipity and small-town connections brought Kelly to Blue Heron through their post-college work as a bike messenger, planting the seed for a life in flowers.  Now, Kelly manages the flower program at Blue Heron under the guidance of Dennis Tamura and with the help of a dedicated crew of other field workers and farmer/florists.

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How to Order:

To order you will simply chose from our a la carte menu of designs, let us know your color palette and we will create florals based off what is looking best at the time of your event.  Our a la carte options also pair nicely with our DIY buckets if you are interested in taking on some of your florals yourself but would like some professional help for others.

This option is not ideal for customers who are attached to specific varieties, require a consultation, and would like delivery and installation of their flowers.  If you do require delivery and installation services, we may be able to help for an added fee depending on our availability.

To learn more, email Kelly at

In your email, please include your wedding date and within a week you will receive our informational packet.

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Photo by Crystal Birns Photography